White Rabbit Productions
written and directed by Andrew Rothkin
currently in postproduction

Sometimes your ex just isn't ex enough.

J.C. is beyond surprised when his ex invites him over – but Laura promises she’s grown a lot and that she’s no longer angry. She has something she needs to show him, she insists, and won’t take no for an answer. J.C. can’t imagine what to expect.

               Not in his kinkiest dreams.

                                             Nor his darkest nightmares.

Alyssa Accardo & Keith Hines
Amelia V. Anderson, Kisha Angela Peart & Tim Shelburne
Mario Claudio, McKenna Cleck, Molly Farrell-Savage,  
Gladys Hendrickson, Wendy Lazarus, Susan O'Doherty, 
Noah Wesley Parks, Bettina Skye, Melanie Sutrathada & Palma H. LaTorre
and introducing
Adeline Fee
Written & Directed by Andrew Rothkin
Cinematography & Editing by Brandon Ascari
Sound Recording  by Joseph A Eulo
Additional Cinematography by Irvine Paye 
Costumes by Molly Farrell-Savage
Music by Matthew A.C. Cohen
Original Songs by Neeko Freeman
F/X Makeup by by Palma H. LaTorre / GFFX
Animation by Polina Skorokhodova
Assistant Directed by Lucxii Channell
Fight Direction by Michael Hagins
Script Supervision by Susan Ruddick, McKenna Cleck & Adriana Cespedes
production assistants
Nadeem Ali
Genesis Almonte
Andrea Buffaloe
McKenna Cleck
Nathan Cox
Michael Hagins
Madeline Hopson
Joseph Ridilla
Ramona Pula